Eduard Ereza Martínez
Software localizer

Video games

Video games have always been a passion for me. I enjoy playing them, whatever the genre. And of course, I also enjoy localizing them.

This passion makes me fully involved in translating. I have a full understanding of the different environments (computers, consoles, mobile devices), how they work and the terminology that applies to them.

When translating a video game, in addition to maintaining the consistency of the terminology (for which it is necessary to establish a glossary), it is necessary to adapt to the personality of each character, since their way of thinking must also reflect on their way of speaking. It is often necessary to adapt texts to change jokes that might not be understood in the target language, and in general, to use inventiveness. I really like challenges in that regard.

I have translated several role-playing video games (RPGs), which contain significant amounts of text, such as To the Moon and Finding Paradise. You may look at them in detail in the projects portfolio.