Eduard Ereza Martínez
Software localizer

Android libraries

In the software development ecosystem, we often use many libraries from other developers to make our job easier and avoid reinventing the wheel. Throughout my career developing Android apps, I have developed a couple of libraries that help in some specific aspects. These libraries are, therefore, a little donation to the great world of free software.

Custom Activity On Crash

This library prevents the user from seeing the system message indicating that an application has had an unexpected crash. It does this by defining itself as a manager for unexpected crashes, and launching a new application process (the original one is destroyed by the system), where the user can see a friendlier error screen and can, for example, send a bug report message to the developer.

Date of the first version: July 2015
Popularity: 3130 stars on GitHub (as of July 2020)
License: Apache License

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Logcat Reporter

This library solves a specific problem: when the application has an unexpected crash that is automatically reported to Crashlytics, the application's Logcat output is not attached to it automatically. Yes, the class that prints logs may be modified, but you might have third-party code that prints logs that you can't modify. In this case, you will need this library, which reads the entire Logcat output and prints it to the Crashlytics log. That way, the errors will have an attached log.

Date of the first version: May 2017
Popularity: 17 stars on GitHub (as of July 2020)
License: Apache License

View its page on GitHub