Eduard Ereza Martínez
Software localizer

Bye-bye, WordPress!

29 October 2018

For a long time, I wanted to change my website software, but I never found the time to do it. I got into it this week, and finally got rid of WordPress.

When I created this website back in 2008 (although it was a personal blog at the time), WordPress was already emerging as the quintessential blogging software. I has been using Serendipity, and WordPress seemed pretty more advanced, so I chose it.

For the first few years, I didn’t have many problems. But in recent years it had become a source of constant problems: security updates were constant, themes were also constantly updated, and since the blog had defined a “child theme” from another theme, when something changed in the main theme, the appearance of the site broke.

Therefore, since updating always required maintenance to repair minor visual damage, I began to do it less frequently. And that meant that someone used one of the WordPress security holes to penetrate into the server and place some malicious scripts on it. Luckily, my service provider realized that my server was doing denial of service attacks and I was able to fix it without any hassle. Since then, I’ve updated whenever a new update appears, with the corresponding loss of time.

But that is over. I have decided that, to avoid all these problems, the site will now consist only of static pages. That way, no one will be able to take advantage of any security holes in the blogging system.

For this purpose, I use one of the most famous static website generators, Jekyll. The truth is, I’m very happy with it, and it gives me a freedom that WordPress didn’t give me, because if I feel the need, I can modify any little thing from the template code.

So now this site is purely static… And by the way, it now has a slightly more modern design!