Eduard Ereza Martínez
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Next bus Barcelona

Next bus Barcelona is the most downloaded Barcelona transportation app. It allows you to check how long it takes for the bus to arrive at your stop, see the map of the nearest stops and plan your trip by checking bus routes and fares.

The app allows the user to customize their bus stops by adding them to favorites, and assigning them a custom color and name. In addition to the functionality within the application, it also has widgets to do the same directly from the main screen of the device.

It covers all towns within the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, and all lines that belong to them. You can also check the stops and the route of the Barcelona trams.

Date of the first version: February 2013
Downloads: 731,000 (as of July 2020)
Monthly active users: 147,000 (as of July 2020)


Official website [Catalan only] | Google Play Store listing